About Us

The Momela Cultural Tourism Limited founded to initiate economic livelihood of Meru community and support to local culture and tradition promotion and preservation especially a disappearing culture and history of Meru tribe of northern Tanzania. The facility established under direct cooperation of local community of Miririni village to enable them getting opportunities geared to relationship and networking for their development programs and poverty eradication through tourism while maintaining nature and cultural heritage conservation to ensure sustainable tourism.

Under broad based organization of local community we ensure enormous potential to local community through creation of employment, educational supports, access to clean water, source of markets for community local products and conservation of cultural material and history of Meru ethnic to be more potential tourism product.

We offer accommodation services, nature walking, bird watching, cultural and historical safari, hiking, adventure trekking and wildlife expeditions.

Our Objectives

Promoting cultural tourism and activities
To collect and conserve cultural materials and history of meru community
Provide income generating opportunities to the surrounding community to improve life standards and social services
Conservation and preservation of natural and cultural resources in the area to ensure visitors experience will be worthwhile, satisfying and enjoyable
Assisting tourists who want to come to Tanzania with knowledge of where to start.

Providing comfortable and affordable services to tourists in the traditional and cultural environment with campsites close to Momela lakes of Arusha National park.
Advertising, promoting and raising awareness of natural and cultural attractions of Tanzania to the World.